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COVID19 Response

As we experience this once in a lifetime pandemic we must make sure our County Governments, residents, businesses, non-profits and hospitals have what they need to get though it.  Funding and proper testing are a must. 

What Should Be Done: 

Each County should receive COVID funding to properly prepare and fund their Health Departments. Money can be used to hire staff, testing and PPEs. Residents who have tested positive now and in the future should be able to get access to vaccine and testing without hesitation. Businesses and Non-profits should be given a tax credit to help offset the loss of revenue during the pandemic. NYS should increase the funding for private hospitals around the state. Many of our hospitals have had to lay off employees due to decrease in other services like elective procedures. 

Business Climate

NYS ranks 49th in the country for the 3rd year in a row according to the 2020 State Business Tax Climate Index. New York State has to do a better job attracting and retaining our businesses. NYS is still in the Top 10 in Manufacturers in the US. If  Massachusetts (rank 22th) and North Carolina (rank 11th) can improve their business climate NYS should be able to. Both states enacted tax friendly policies to businesses in the past several years. 


What Should Be Done: 

Examine the Corporate Franchise tax for small to medium size manufacturers in NYS and look at ways to lower the rate. Lowering the rate would create jobs and spur growth.  Increase access to Capital to small businesses. Many owners would like to expand but finding funding to expand is a challenge and the red tape we have to go through stimies' innvoation and growth.  I would suggest creating a program run by a retired small business owner who understands how we operate and what we need. Its simple!!! 

Unfunded Mandates

An unfunded mandate is a statute or regulation that requires a state or local government to perform certain actions, yet provides no money for fulfilling the requirements. These unfunded mandates are passed on to tax payers hence the high property tax rate. For example 100% of Chemung County's tax levy goes to pay for the state Medicaid program and that is unacceptable. Click to Learn More About Mandate Relief. 


What Should Be Done:

I know you can't eliminate ALL unfunded mandates but finding one program to target for elimination from Schools and Counties should be looked at. I think the state taking over full control of Medicaid would be a good first step. 



I am in my third term as an Elmira City School Board Member. I served as President of the Board during the 2015-2016 school year. ​Since being elected to the school board I have come to understand the fiscal difficulties many school districts are facing. Outside of increasing state aid to districts NYS must invest in Early Childhood Education and Childcare and not wavier from it. It is a proven fact that closing the achievement gap will pay off down the road for the school districts, community and ultimately the state. We need to expand on the Community Schools program. 


What Should Be Done:

Getting rid of unfunded mandates is a good start. Districts are faced with state mandates without a way to pay for them. For example Safety Plans, Lead Testing and training that are mandated by the state but no money to fund them. Our school district pays over $500,000 in unfunded mandates over the course of the year. Relieving the districts of this burden would free up money for all districts to expand early childhood education, hire staff,  lower taxes and or expand services. If the State creates a program it must find a way to pay for it. 


We need to focus our attention on consistent early child education opportunities that gives our young learners the edge they need for long term success.  Making sure that there are programs for remediation as well as accelerated programs are our best hope at developing career and college ready adults.

Work with companies to create partnerships with School Districts in order to create more school to work programs. 


An investment in Community Schools funding around the state will help strengthen students, teachers, parents and the community. Learn more about Community Schools.

Quality Childcare 

Funding for child care should mirror funding for public schools, pre-k..and that all children Birth – 5 years old should have access to Pre-K, child care, nursery school or whatever early care and education program a parent selects without the parent having to be “eligible” …it should be about the child.

What Should Be Done:

Create a Universal Quality Child Care Program. There is scientific research that affirms what all children birth to five years of age need quality child care in order to be successful in school and ultimately in life. Its time all children have access to quality early care and learning programs. We need to focus not on if parents are eligible for assistance but rather What do children need to be successful. 

Speak Up!!!

Speak up and be heard. Please share with me what issues are important and affect your lives. 


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