• Randy Reid

Let’s Help Students and Families Achieve Greatness!

As a member of the school board in Elmira, I am so proud of our students. They work hard every day. When the school year starts in September, it seems like forever to get to June. But before long, summer is upon us, and there is another group of high school seniors proudly walking across the stage at their graduation.

The faces of the students at graduation always bring a smile to my face. The pure joy of accomplishing something hard is one of those things I always look forward to seeing at the ceremony. For some of these students, they are the first generation from their family to graduate from high school. How amazing and awesome is that?

And there are other faces of pure joy I see when I go to high school graduations. Not just the families of the graduates, but rather the school family; the teachers, the administrators and the staff who come to graduation to see the seniors graduate and witness the culmination of their student’s hard work and dedication. It truly is family!

But, we MUST support families AND educators. It’s so important to greater success in New York. We must increase state aid to districts in New York by investing in Early Childhood Education. This helps jump-start students for greater achievement later in their educational careers.

It is a proven fact that closing the achievement gap will pay off down the road for our students, school districts, communities and the state. By expanding the Community Schools program, we will be helping teachers and administrators do their jobs better. There will be much less need for remediation years down the road, if we can improve student achievement early in their education.

Follow this link to learn more about the Community Schools program. This is something I firmly endorse, as I fight hard to make our students and the Southern Tier achieve greatness.


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