• Randy Reid

Workers & Small Businesses in the Southern Tier Need Better Leadership in Albany

For years, the Southern Tier has been characterized as a fly-over or drive-through part of the state. Many state lawmakers have largely ignored us. Even our current Assemblyman has ignored us. It’s not right.

I won’t allow that to happen any longer.

Creating jobs and cultivating profitable businesses go hand-in-hand. You can’t have one without the other. And the status quo is not working. We need effective leadership that acts for workers AND business owners in the Southern Tier.

I am a tireless advocate for job growth in upstate New York. I have started and managed businesses in the Southern Tier. I understand why small businesses are struggling in our region, because I have struggled myself as a business owner. I also understand the struggles of workers who simply want to live the American Dream.

Being an Assembly member, you need to understand what businesses and individuals are facing with regard to taxes and regulations. I have been involved with economic development in the Southern Tier and have spoken to many small and large business owners in the region about their concerns. I have a firm plan to help businesses create jobs, so that the Southern Tier can be as vital and vibrant as it was in the past.

As your assemblyman, I will fight in Albany every day for the workers and businesses of the Southern Tier.



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