• Randy Reid

Full Disclosure - I Want to Represent You in the New York State Assembly

I’m taking my campaign to be your next member of the New York Assembly representing the 124th District seriously. To that end, we have met all our financial disclosure obligations with the state Board of Elections. As you choose your candidate for ANY office I ask that you follow the money.

We have filed all financial disclosures on time and completely. Since announcing my candidacy in March, there have been two deadlines to transmit financial information to the New York State Board of Elections, July 16th and August 13th. We have met both deadlines. Some candidates running for office have either missed their deadline, filed reports late or filed reports that show a negative balance.

Submitting late, sloppy paperwork for any job is unacceptable and should be taken seriously. This is indicative of how they would represent you. In addition, submitting paperwork late to the New York State Board of Elections is inexcusable.

By going to the New York State Board of Elections website, you can look up those who have donated to our campaign and see my expenditures thus far. To those individuals who donated to our campaign, THANK YOU! I will be a good steward of your contribution and will fight for the interests of the Southern Tier in Albany when elected to the Assembly.

I have spent time and money talking to citizens in the 124th Assembly District. I have taken the necessary steps to reach out to our neighbors and talk about the issues. Our campaign has not taken the summer off.

As for other candidates, judge for yourself if you believe someone displaying lateness and sloppiness in required financial disclosures has earned your trust and vote.

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