• Randy Reid

Everyone in the Pool

As I stood outside Brand Park Pool, during the Back to School Event recently, I became upset that a part of my childhood as well as many others sat vacant. There were hundreds of kids running around during the event, many of whose parents swam in that same pool. I believe the City, County and State officials have missed an opportunity to join together and fight for the kids and parents in the county.

Learning to swim is a right of passage for many kids. Learning to swim at Brand Pool from your brothers or sisters was the way many kids learned. Brand Park Pool was a summer haven for many kids. I remember a dime would get us in all day and our parents knew where we were. Now trees are growing out of the deep end where we use to jumped off the high dive.

It will take a joint effort from the City, County as well as the public and business leaders to bring this pool back to what it was. Outside of the money needed to build a new one, money will need to be raised to keep up the maintenance of it. We will need to establish a committee similar to Eldridge Park. We will need people who are passionate about reviving the pool and then seeing it through to fruition.

Who’s ready to jump in with me? When elected this will be a priority for my office. I will look for the community’s help so expect a call after the election. If you are interested in joining me please contact our campaign.

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