• Randy Reid

I just filed for Unemployment

As I run for NYS Assembly in the 124th District I also had to apply for unemployment because my employer had to cut hours due to the Coronavirus. I fully agree with the decision of my agency. I currently work for a non-profit agency as their Business Development Manager. I was expecting this day to come but it’s a bit surreal. This is the 2nd time in my life that I had to apply for Unemployment. The first time was in August 1993 when I was laid off because employees were forming a union. (see NLRB Case 5–CA–24066). The employer subsequently lost the NLRB case and had to settle with the employees who were laid off. Ironically the next day after I filed for unemployment, I found a job and never took the benefit.

Today’s filing really brings home what my fellow New Yorker's are going through. Not only are we staying home quarantined because of the Coronavirus we also have to figure out how to pay bills when your hours are reduced because to this the pandemic.

As for my unemployment claim, I appreciate NYS waiving the 7 day waiting period to file your claim. It takes about 20 minutes online and that’s the recommended way to go; NYS Unemployment.

So what I’ve learned from this experience will help me as I fight for everyday residents in the Southern Tier. Employees need to be taken care of during economic downturns and employers, especially small businesses and not for profits need help as well. All of us working together will get us through this pandemic.

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