• Randy Reid

Time for NYS to Save Small Businesses

During this crisis you need leadership from your elected state officials. I’m tired of the blame game where the other side is blocking them from doing the people’s business. You are the elected leader for the 124th Assembly District not the Republican elected leader. It is time to get to work. As a former small business owner, who was forced to close his business, the struggle is real. Many owners have capital available to run their business for maybe two weeks, if that. That’s how it works despite people thinking small business owners are making a killing when they are living week to week.

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I’d propose legislation to make grants available to small businesses across the Southern Tier. I would use state money that was allocated to Empire State Development or Regional Economic Development Councils (REDC) to fund local businesses in the 124th District. Those funds would be given to and administered through the county. If we take 10% of what was given to the Southern Tier region in 2019, we will have $8.89M across the Southern Tier available to local businesses and a chance for them to survive. The County can make these grants available and in business owners’ hands more efficient than the state. County leaders are familiar with the businesses in their counties so there is less chance of favoritism and being connected to get the funds. In order to get state funds now it seems like you must know or be connected and that’s a sad part about owning a business in NYS. For those who say they State can't do that well they just cancelled Regents exams and Governor is sending the National Guard for our ventilators for so anything is possible.

It’s great to buy gift certificates from small businesses as these small businesses need cash-flow to survive. Unfortunately, many of them will close for good without emergency funding.

It’s important to understand why having a leader in the 124th Assembly District is vital.

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