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Recovered: How My Wife Beat Coronavirus

"Randy, I think I may have to go to the Arnot." Those words are still stuck in my head even now 20 days after my wife Dee was fighting for her life. One of the symptoms of the virus is difficulty breathing. She experienced that the first 2-3 days after she fell ill. We are almost two weeks in and she experienced it again. This time it was different. That evening she struggled breathing most of the night. She did a nebulizer treatment and it didn’t help. My wife is asthmatic so its important she follows her doctor’s plan. I was ready to take her the Arnot because of the stress her lungs were going through. She wanted to try one last treatment. She remembered, as a kid, her grandmother would rub Vicks on her chest to open her lungs. We had no Vicks in the house so I sent my son Cameron to the store. It was a long 20 minutes before he arrived with the magic vaporizer that we all used as a kid. I began to rub the Vicks on her chest and back and her labored breathing began to improve after 10 minutes. Dee remained uncomfortable for another 45 minutes but her breathing improved. She finally fell asleep and slept for over 8 hours.

On Monday March 30th on the advice of her doctor he suggested she get tested. Though we were already home due to the State of Emergency we were placed in quarantine based on her positive results. We all should have a doctor like Dr. Cilip (Ageless) who monitored her progress from the beginning. They even spoke that evening during her breathing difficulty. His number one goal was to not have her go to the hospital. He was right and Dee is recovered. My son and I have remained symptom free to date.

Dee decided to go public with her diagnosis (WETM Story) in order to let people know that this virus is serious and deadly. There are still people who think it’s a cold or flu. Dee received a ton of messages and calls from friends and family around the country. A common theme is they couldn’t believe she got a test. Tests aren’t immediately available in their area. We are thankful for our rural area being ahead of the curve on this. The Chemung County Health Department has been nothing short of amazing and attentive to our health. We received daily calls during the quarantine checking on our symptoms and temperatures. Towards the last 3 days of quarantine we received live in-person visits from the health department to make sure we are home.

There will be a long road back to normal or a new normal for all of us. Dee and I would like to thank County Executive Chris Moss and Chemung County Public Health Director Pete Buzzetti for their leadership. Thanks to all who sent well wishes, calls and even those who ran a few errands for us. We appreciate you.

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