• Randy Reid

I Tested Positive for COVID

Add COVID survivor to my list of how I can relate to voters across the 124th.

This week I was diagnosed with COVID. I spent 2 days in the hospital and was released Thursday night. I'm home feeling 100% better. I originally thought I had a sinus infection and was already out of work a week. Once the no taste / no smell symptoms came on I knew what it was. At the urging of my wife and Dr. Cilip, who called me directly Tuesday Night, and told me he wanted me to go to the ER. I delayed it a few hours because I actually got some much needed sleep. I woke up and my sugar level was low. My wife heard me fall and that was it. The next thing I know she was driving me to the ER and I was getting drugs and IVs for dehydration.

While in the ER I was given a rapid COVID test where the result would come back in an hour. I had already taken two others but none of the results had come back yet. One test promised next day results, one test said 4-7 days for results. That is a standard that needs to improve not only for patient care but for community infection rates to stay low. Chemung County has seen a spike in cases due to an outbreak at a local church who did not follow NYS or CDC guidelines.

As of September 18th there have been 483 confirmed cases of Coronavirus reported across the 124th Assembly District. The district covers 80% of Chemung Co, all of Tioga County and the Town of Maine in Broome County.

Where did I get it? That is a question that friends and family have asked or text me over that past few days. Believe it or not doctors and nurses don't even ask you that anymore. They know its air borne and everywhere especially now in Chemung Co. I'm masked all the time so I have no idea. I have met with the Chemung County Health Department who have done contact tracing on my movement.

So the Reid household are experts on COVID19. If you remember back in March my wife was one of the first in the area to be diagnosed. She survived despite dealing with extensive breathing issues because of her asthma.

Today both my wife Dee and my son Cam were also tested this week and they are negative.

A big thank you to my wife for taking care me.

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