• Randy Reid

Making the Case to Vote for a Democrat in the 124th Assembly District.

Updated: Jun 27

Now is the time to make a change in the 124th Assembly District. Our current Assemblyman is nameless and practices outdated ideologies when our district is so diverse and in need of a leader. The simple reason to vote Democrat for this upcoming election is to be able to have a voice and a seat at the table when horrendous decisions like Bail Reform were being discussed he wasn't at the table. The NYS Assembly Majority is led by Democrats. The committees, assignments, money for districts are all controlled by Democrats. Having a Democrat such as myself represent our interest on these committees will allow me to be your voice. For instance, the Bail Reform bill is wrong on many levels, in my opinion. Our Assemblyman had no say in what went into the bill. All he did was put out press releases about the process and that's pretty much all he can do. As a Democrat I would have asked for more input from DA’s, Judges and Law Enforcement. This would have been made at the committee level and on the floor of the Assembly when this bill would have been discussed.

Having a 95% “No” voting record in the past 10 years has not helped our district. This ideology of being “Conservative” on every issue or just being plain petty is not helping our district. Finally, not being visible even to your own Republican party is not helping our district either. Ask ANY Republican in the district about our current Assemblyman and privately they will tell you he's been absent, ineffective and they want him out.

As I run as an Upstate Democrat I won't be the Democratic leader for the 124th District but the Elected leader of the 124th district. I will represent the entire district regardless of political affiliation. I will represent you. I will work with local governments to make sure municipalities are being represented at the table. If a bill or issue needs to be brought up I will be able to take to the floor and fight for you. Right now our currently Assemblyman can not bring bills/legislation to the floor because he’s not in the majority. Since he's been in office he has had zero sponsored legislation. It's time for a change.

Finally being an Upstate Democrat in the Assembly is not new to the Southern Tier. Donna Lupardo (D-123AD) represents the Binghamton area. Retiring Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton (D-125AD) represents Tompkins and Cortland Counties. Its now time for the 124th Assembly District to make a change and elect a Democrat who will be their voice in the Assembly.

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