• Randy Reid

Tioga Downs Casino Should Be Re-Opened Now

I call on the Governor to re-open Tioga Downs Casino as it is vital economic engine to the region. Its unfair that Native American Casinos can remain open but not privately held casinos. Back in July Tioga Downs Casino announced it was closing their racetrack on October 1st due to “unforeseeable business circumstances prompted by COVID19”. Since the casino continues to be closed you can anticipate that the casino will close if they are not allowed to open soon. Over 600 employees would lose their jobs and millions of dollars in revenue to the state will be gone. To say the impact locally will be catastrophic is an understatement. Outside of the sales and room tax for Tioga County the impact will be felt to non-profit agencies that Tioga Downs supports with their Tioga Downs Regional Community Foundation. This past January the foundation donated $500,000 to regional non-profits.

I’ve read on Tioga Downs’ website that they have a Safety Plan in place following the guidance from the Governor’s Office, NYS Gaming Commission and CDC. Since the rest of the state has opened up I believe the Casinos should as well. Governor Cuomo mentioned in an interview that the density of the casinos is the reason why casinos can’t open. If density is an issue, then schools shouldn’t reopen and then he would need to explain why Native American Casinos are open.

What should you do? Do not contact your current Assemblyman, he voted against allowing a gambling license to Tioga Downs back in 2011. Unfortunately, because he’s in the minority he doesn’t have any power to even call the Governor directly to speak to him about it. You as a concerned citizen can contact the Governor’s Office directly and demand that he open casinos based on their safety plan.

Contact Governor Cuomo


Governor’s Office: 518-474-8390

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